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Divorce and family law attorney Candice B. Deyerla
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Kody C. Silva,
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Lianna Garza Smith,
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10.0Candice Brown Deyerle
10.0Kody Charles Silva
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"Lianna inspired confidence from my first contact with her. Her calming demeanor and good information convinced me to let her handle my divorce, and I believe that was a good decision to this day. She handled my divorce very professionally and respectfully and with favorable results. I can easily recommend Team Lianna for divorce matters."
Divorce Case
"Exceptionally good in taking care of clients! Kody has not only the subject matter expertise but also understands the empathy of his clients really well. He dealt my complicated divorce case with thorough analysis, understanding the intricacies involved in my case, evaluating all possible options and proposing the best course of action. He has an amazing team who responds to your questions spontaneously via email even during a weekend! They're the best in customer centricity and I whole hardheartedly recommend Kody and his team, if you're looking to get your divorce case solved seamlessly, however complex it may be! Wish you and your team all the very best, Kody!"
Divorce Case
"Above and beyond the best divorce Attorney in Austin. Candice Deyerle and her paralegal Laurie Theriot are an amazing team. I never had one doubt in my mind that they were both meant to represent me the first time I met them. Candice truly cares for her clients. She will go above and beyond. She always has your best interest at heart. She is very strategic and will be honest with you from the get go. She is also very mindful of your financials and would always propose cost effective ways. She is incredible at what she does and is without a doubt the BEST in her field. I highly recommend her. Laurie was my rock when anything came up. She made me see the light when I was placed in difficult situations. She was ALWAYS readily available to answer ALL my questions no matter how minute they might of been. I felt they were a blessing for me and I can't thank them enough for all the hard work they have done for me. You cannot go wrong choosing this Duo team."
Divorce Case
"Lianna and her paralegal Kate are a dynamic duo. They are on top of everything, every detail of divorce. This includes legal matters but also compassionate matters as well. They understand the process to the letter of the law but do not let go of the human experience that is happening at the same time. This is an overwhelming process but with Lianna's expertise I am incredibly satisfied with my end result and am able to move forward in my life with peace and happiness. No need to go anywhere else!"
Divorce Case
"Thank God I found Candice & Laurie! I was 80% through the second round of divorce litigation and was having trouble getting my lawyer to respond or prioritize what needed to be done for my case. Within weeks of hiring Candice & Laurie, we finalized the details and had everything we needed completed and signed by the judge. They are incredibly responsive, thorough, and provide invaluable input. So, so happy to have them on my side!"
Divorce Case
"I had the pleasure of being represented by Lianna Garza Smith in my divorce. Lianna is very compassionate, adept, and strategic in her line of thought. During our initial consultation, Lianna outlined several hypothetical road-maps demonstrating how everything could potentially unfold. I am happy to say that, with her guidance, I took the path of least resistance and was able to obtain my Divorce in a pleasantly short amount of time (despite several hiccups along the way that were strictly my fault). Because of her intelligence and focused guidance, my ex and I were able to come to an amicable agreement outside of court and I walked away from my marriage fair and balanced. I am very pleased with Lianna's representation and will not hesitate to recommend her to even my closest of friends."
Divorce Case
"No Better Attorney Than Candice If you are considering an attorney, especially for a family law matter like divorce, you are facing a difficult, emotional situation. You need a steady hand, brilliant mind, compassionate counselor and an efficient, effective litigator. There's no one that fits that profile better than Candice Deyerle. She knows the law, but she also knows people. She can filter complex situations and find the kernel that's most important. She is always well prepared for court...I saw it 10 times! She also has a disarming ease and presence, outside and inside the courtroom. She is patient and collaborative, but confident in what she feels will bring the best outcome...even if you as a client aren't as sure. You can trust Candice implicitly. Be a great client by being prepared and responsive, then let Candice do the job you hired her to do. You will be glad you did."
Divorce Case
"Incredibly experienced - Produces great results Kody was the best decision I made when choosing legal representation. His experience was invaluable in helping me understand the ramifications of each option and choices available during my divorce proceedings. The professional nature of Kody and his team was evident by their responsiveness and execution. Preparation meant everything as we headed into mediation and I felt supported and empowered by his informed and organized approach. He was sensitive and honest about the cost/benefit of each complex element of our assets/liabilities which led to a successful agreement and avoided costly litigation. Divorce is a major life event that has a long lasting impact on everyone involved. His guidance during this difficult time has made the experience positive for me and has laid a strong framework for my future and my children's future as I move forward."
Divorce Case
"This firm is super professional and on top of things. Candice was the main attorney on my case and she did a fantastic job representing me. Unfortunately, my ex husband would not agree to the settlement terms even though we tried lots of various offers so we had to go court to finalize the divorce. Going to trial can be very stressful but when you have the right team you feel more confident. Have you ever danced with someone who is a really great 2 stepper and they just know how to lead you around the dance floor so you feel like the best dancer in the world (even though you have no idea what you're doing)? Well, that's what it's like to have Candice as your attorney at trial. I put my trust in her and everyone else at this firm and I'm really happy I did. I got every single thing I asked for and now I can reclaim my life again. Also, shout out to Laurie, the paralegal who worked on my case. She really kept me on task and was like a coach that wouldn't let me slack off. Divorce can feel like a marathon so having people in your corner and continue to push you is really important. My ex was VERY difficult to work with to them point that I wanted to throw in the towel A LOT but she and Candice really pushed me to continue to fight for what was fair and necessary for me to create a heathy and bright future for my kids and I."
Divorce Case
"I went through a difficult divorce recently that required experience with LGBTQ issues. Picking Kody for my legal counsel was the best choice I could have made. I knew from the first meeting with Kody that he was completely invested in my case and would give it the attention it would require. He proved to be an exceptional lawyer. He was fair-minded, professional, and realistic at all times, even when my ex-wife’s lawyer was trying to make it extremely difficult to stay civil. He knew when to be firm and unwavering with the opposing counsel, which ultimately resulted in an agreement without having to go to court. Kody and his paralegal, Priscilla, are an excellent team. They were friendly and responsive at all times. The billing of my case was handled in a very prudent and efficient manner. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Kody again in the future."
"Lianna listen to me and was compassion to my situation. She worked with me and guided me as to what I would be expecting during the whole divorce. She outline detail by detail the steps that were going to be taken. She was always there to answer my concern and questions. During the mediation she fought all the way to make sure that I got my fair share. Her attention to detail was awesome. I couldn't had asked for a better lawyer than her. I had met with other lawyers before her and they didn't acknowledge the pain I was going through. However, when I met with her she listen and was so understanding toward my pain that I immediately knew she will fight for me."
Divorce Case
"Kody is fantastic! He definitely came through for us! I came to Kody about modifying an existing order that would be in my daughter's best interest. Since this had been a complex custody case before, I needed advice from qualified professionals I could trust. Kody was confident and reliable, very empathetic to the circumstances, and he did diligent research. He kept me updated as things changed, responded right away when i had any questions or needed updates, he steered me in the right direction on what would work best for my situation, and ultimately won the case for me. Kody is detail oriented, knows the legal landscape well enough to navigate around tricky situations, and I could tell I put my daughter's welfare in good hands when I went with him. I got exactly what I wanted that works best for my family and I have Kody to thank for that! I recommend him to anyone I know."
Custody Case

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