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Kody is fantastic! He definitely came through for us! I came to Kody about modifying an existing order that would be in my daughter's best interest. Since this had been a complex custody case before, I needed advice from qualified professionals I could trust. Kody was confident and reliable, very empathetic to the circumstances, and he did diligent research. He kept me updated as things changed, responded right away when i had any questions or needed updates, he steered me in the right direction on what would work best for my situation, and ultimately won the case for me. Kody is detail oriented, knows the legal landscape well enough to navigate around tricky situations, and I could tell I put my daughter's welfare in good hands when I went with him. I got exactly what I wanted that works best for my family and I have Kody to thank for that! I recommend him to anyone I know.
I had the pleasure of being represented by Lianna Garza Smith in my divorce. Lianna is very compassionate, adept, and strategic in her line of thought. During our initial consultation, Lianna outlined several hypothetical road-maps demonstrating how everything could potentially unfold. I am happy to say that, with her guidance, I took the path of least resistance and was able to obtain my Divorce in a pleasantly short amount of time (dispute several hiccups along the way that were strictly my fault). Because of her intelligence and focused guidance, my ex and I were able to come to an amicable agreement outside of court and I walked away from my marriage fair and balanced. I am very pleased with Lianna's representation and will not hesitate to recommend her to even my closest of friends.
James H.
No Better Attorney Than Candice If you are considering an attorney, especially for a family law matter like divorce, you are facing a difficult, emotional situation. You need a steady hand, brilliant mind, compassionate counselor and an efficient, effective litigator. There's no one that fits that profile better than Candice Deyerle. She knows the law, but she also knows people. She can filter complex situations and find the kernel that's most important. She is always well prepared for court...I saw it 10 times! She also has a disarming ease and presence, outside and inside the courtroom. She is patient and collaborative, but confident in what she feels will bring the best outcome...even if you as a client aren't as sure. You can trust Candice implicitly. Be a great client by being prepared and responsive, then let Candice do the job you hired her to do. You will be glad you did.
Empowering and intelligent I cannot recommend Candice and her team highly enough. Candice is deeply knowledgeable about all aspects of family law and made an inevitably difficult process as smooth as possible. She is incredibly empowering, kind, and clear. She helped me understand my rights, advocated for me firmly and unwaveringly, and saw all potential challenges/obstacles well before they came to fruition. She is truly excellent, and I feel lucky to have found her!
Someone you can count on! Kody Silva and his team were extremely supportive and responsive in my divorce. I was so insecure when I first approached the firm for their help. The reputation of him and this firm, provided the strong backing that I felt I needed to project during the divorce process with my now-Ex. Kody and his team went to great lengths to help make the process go as smoothly as possible, especially at the end when I needed to make an extremely tight deadline. The extra effort and responsiveness was appreciated immensely. This is a team you can count on!!!
Professional and Compassionate Attorney!! Lianna and her paralegal Kate are a dynamic duo. They are on top of everything, every detail of divorce. This includes legal matters but also compassionate matters as well. They understand the process to the letter of the law but do not let go of the human experience that is happening at the same time. This is an overwhelming process but with Lianna’s expertise I am incredibly satisfied with my end result and am able to move forward in my life with peace and happiness. No need to go anywhere else!
Truly, a confident and professional practitioner of law Lianna was such an incredible and sincere presence during my divorce. I reached out to Deyerle Silva Smith and Lianna met with me swiftly to better understand the specifics of my situation. She never made me feel rushed and listened to all the specific details I had to share with regard to my case. Additionally, she did a great job of keeping a compassionate ear while remaining truly objective and on point. Lianna was attentive and leaned heavily on her experience to see me through. Her paralegal, Kate, was also extraordinarily diligent and easy to get ahold of when necessary. I sincerely appreciate them and their amazing work ethic a great deal. I look forward to working with them, and Kirker Davis if needs arise in the future.
Candice Deyerle helped me immensely when I hired her to modify my child custody order. She was extremely patient with me during a time where I had many emotions. She came up with an inventive way to help me get what I was asking for, that was also fair for all parties. She made me feel that she truly cared about me and my situation by thoroughly explaining and helping me work through any of my concerns. I really appreciate all of her hard work, time, patience, and understanding during this troubled time. I couldn't have hired a better lawyer for my case!
Knowledgeable, Realistic, Compassionate, & Gets Results When first meeting with Mr. Silva, he asked me, ideally, what I would like to get out of the divorce process and to prioritize them. He walked me thru how the legal process would work and then laid out a strategy to try to reach objectives we had set and agreed upon. Mr. Silva was very knowledgeable of the law and of the Williamson County court system. Mr. Silva and his team were always very responsive whenever I had a question or concern regarding my case. Mr. Silva valued my time and concerns. When is was all said and done, the strategy that Mr. Silva had laid out, worked, and we were able to achieve our top three priorities in the case. I would definitely retain him again in the future if the need ever arose.

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